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We're not just envisioning a hydrogen future; we're actively shaping it

TO Viridi is developing a hydrogen fueling mesh network, offering an industry-leading net-zero solution for transportation fuel and electricity generation. 


We plan to initiate our transportation network in central California, expanding across the state and eventually throughout North America. Each region within our network will not only encoumpass hydrogen fueling hubs but also generate zero-emission electricity for commercial and large-scale residential applications.

Fuel Distribution Reimagined

TO Viridi is developing a HyEn+, a hydrogen fueling network aiming to offer a top-tier net-zero solution for both transportation fuel and electricity generation. We will launch this transportation network in central California, expanding across the state and eventually throughout North America. Each point within our network will not only facilitate transportation but also generate electricity and energy for commercial and large-scale residential purposes. This strategy has unique advantages:

  • Each network hub will have the ability to dynamically switch between producing hydrogen fuel and electricity.

  • The hub will be located near or on-site of the primary user. 


About Me.

California is actively pursuing a Net Zero Future, with regulations already in place to phase out fossil fuels in new vehicles, affecting personal and heavy transport sectors, with full bans expected between 2030 and 2045. Some of these measures are already in effect at major California ports. As the largest U.S. state in terms of economy and population, and third largest in area, California heavily relies on an efficient, centralized transportation system. The state is also highly supportive of innovative green technologies, backed by both financial incentives and supportive regulations. Moreover, California's rich natural resources are well-suited for the production of green hydrogen fuel.

Why California? 

Why hydrogen?

Hydrogen has emerged as the pinnacle of green energy solutions, particularly in heavy commercial transportation and aviation. Unlike battery electric power, hydrogen prevails as the optimal choice, beating it out in weight, cost, versatility and reliability.

Why TO Viridi?

TO Viridi's systems redefine the cost dynamics, overcoming the higher capital and operational costs associated with conventional hydrogen production technologies, offering 3x cost advantage compared to other methods in the market today. The technology is commercially scalable and we are ready to go to market today. 

"TO Viridi stands at the forefront of a transformative era in green energy. Our commitment to innovation drives us to redefine the landscape of hydrogen-based solutions, empowering heavy transportation and industries to meet their sustainability goals.  With our technology, we're not just reducing costs; we're revolutionizing the economics of green energy." 

— Michael Maher, Chairman, TO Viridi

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