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 Making the greener choice the easier choice

Our Campaigns

What We Believe In

TO Viridi is dedicated to delivering carbon-negative hydrogen whenever and wherever you need it. Transforming bioethanol into renewable hydrogen using a simple and proven catalytic process, we deliver on our zero emission future, today. TO Viridi isn’t waiting for the chicken or the egg, it's delivering both. 

The need for a greener future is clear, so let's just make it happen. 


Zero emission is the goal.
On-demand hydrogen is our solution.



Why hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a superior energy storage medium, offering unmatched energy density and versatility emitting only water when converted into usable energy, which translates into significant efficiency and environmental benefits, particularly for heavy-duty transport and power generation.


Renewable hydrogen is the key driver for our green energy future and TO Viridi is positioned to lead in bringing it to market.


Our technology

We bring our proven and scaleable bioethanol-to-hydrogen production process to market, facilitating the widespread delivery of hydrogen-based fuel and power to heavy-duty transportation and energy production industries. We know renewable hydrogen is the future, so we are bringing it to market today. 


Our approach

Our phased approach provides the entire ecosystem for truly sustainable transportation exceeding net zero. Our core belief is that the greener option should be the easier option. 


The initial phase will include launching the first hydrogen mesh network across California. This mesh network will offers top-tier net-zero solutions on-demand for both transportation fuel and electricity generation across the state.

Committed to powering your carbon negative fleets and operations.

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